I'm an enthusiastic software developer and architect with deep experience and interest in building modern, well-designed and maintainable software. I like the DevOps approach and the Agile methodology. I consider the testing strategy as one of the keys to making successful software happen.

During the software development cycle, you have to automate as much as possible. But you cannot automate things if you don't have a way to ensure that the result you get is correct. A good testing strategy where automated testing plays an important role gives you the confidence you need.

Automated testing can become challenging. To name a few aspects:

  • What type of tests do you write more (unit, integration, e2e).
  • The infrastructure you need (Docker is your friend here).
  • Test maintainability (do your tests survive a refactor?).
  • Execution performance (how long does the test suite take to run?).

I consider myself a restless professional. I like to learn constantly (the more you know, the more you know what you don't). One of the things I value the most about being a software engineer is how fast computer science is evolving.

I like open source in general. Especially I love Git (powerful but based on a straightforward concept), Vim (which makes editing convenient) and Docker (not only Docker but the concept of containers that makes it possible). When I need to write formatted code, like documentation or slides, I use Markdown (tool independent).

I don't mention a particular programming language. Why? It depends on what you need. For some things, I use Python for (graphs); for many others, I would choose JavaScript. Often, it's convenient to write software that runs in the JVM (Java Virtual Machine). It doesn't have to be Java necessarily (it could be Kotlin or Scala).

By the way, I've worked with Java backend environments for the last six years. Before, I've worked with different technologies (full-stack), including .NET and JavaScript. Nevertheless, .NET isn't my cup of tea.

I see myself as a world citizen with German and Spanish roots. I'm currently living in Spain (Salamanca).