Jamie Tanna (or why I decided to resume writing)

Jamie Tanna is the inspiration, or one of them, why I’ve decided to resume writing on the blog I created years ago and haven’t attended in a while.

Who is he?

Jamie Tanna is a Software Engineer who works at Deliveroo. I came across his blog by chance, through a technical article he had published. What caught my attention in the first place was a link, in his article, to a blog post published by my company, mimacom. Then I started looking around and really liked a couple of things.

What did I like?

  • I like his openness and courage he shows talking about the stuff that matters to him, always being respectful.
  • The altruism he demonstrates by sharing what moves him.
  • His passion for technical stuff and to keep learning all the time. And, what’s so important: the passion to share what he discovered and learned.

IndieWeb movement

Jamie Tanna is an advocate for the IndieWeb movement. Although I’m not familiar with all the details, I very much like the idea of not entirely entrusting third parties with your Internet presence. If you host your own blog, you can use whatever provider you want to at any time. Who consumes your content won’t notice. It will still be jvt.me or manuelschmidt.net If you completely relied on Twitter last year, maybe now you have a major issue searching for alternatives. If it isn’t the primary host of your content, then you’re a little better off.

On the other hand, something similar happens the other way around, as a content consumer. If you want to consume the content that Jamie Tanna produces, and you entirely rely on Twitter’s algorithms to decide what content you see, you might get annoyed if you suddenly see more tweets from Elon Musk than from Jamie Tanna.

Statement of intent

My intention is to use Jamie Tanna as an inspiration to resume what I started years ago, and I stopped doing almost at the beginning: sharing with the community my learnings and my thoughts about what my passion is. My passion is my profession, my passion is technology, the world of software engineering. The world of building software, of building software together, and growing together.

I want to give back a little from all I learned from the community, from people like Jamie Tanna, who share their passion with others.

I will do this, primarily through my blog manuelschmidt.net, but I’ll keep you updated through LinkedIn, Mastodon and Twitter

And, I would like to grow my network with people with the same passion and the same interests. So, I’ll be happy to hear from you through any of the channels you can find on manuelschmidt.net/contact/